Sin City Hostel has implemented a key-less entry system for our guests:

You download GOKI App (Apple or Play Stores) and this will be the key to access most of the Hostel doors. This might seem like a pain to some, but the benefits outweigh the troubles of first time set up. Plus other Hostels are also starting to use this very same system, so this means if you already have the app installed future check ins and stays will become a lot easier for you!    

  • We have eliminated the use of physical keys or key cards, YOUR PHONE IS YOUR KEY! this means you will need a working and up to date (modern) Android or Apple OS phone to stay in our property.

  • GOKI doorknobs are contactless, 99.9% germ free.

  • Extend though your phone! removing the need to come into reception. Very convenient when you had a long night on the Strip and want to stay in bed, or maybe you haven't even come back to the Hostel (an even longer night!) but you want to make sure you secure your bed before check out time is over. Just send us a text through the app, we verify the amount and card to charge and we extend your stay (after receiving confirmation from you)

  • Chat with other guests! you can see other guests that are staying and be in contact with them without having to compromise your personal information. You can also choose to be invisible in the app settings. 

  • See Hostel activities and sign up! check the app for hostel events, make sure you sign up! 

  • Your information is deleted: for those thinking about conspiracies on how we are collecting data (We aren't lol!)... The app follows and is in complaisance with European regulations, the system is set to delete guest information 30 days after check out automatically. The app also allows you to do this manually if you can't wait 30 days.