Check-in Requirements:

  • Guests must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Sin City Hostel does not and will not accept Nevada Identification with an address within 180 miles of our location.
  • I.D must be Government Issued and display place of residency;
    • Foreign Passport
    • U.S. Passport by itself WILL NOT be accepted as it does not display address or location of residence.
    • U.S. Passport will only be accepted WITH Out-of-State Driver's License or government ID
      • Travel stamps within 90 days of arrival date
      • Proof of departure from Las Vegas (Bus/ Plane tickets; proof of recent/future out-of-state lodging)
    • Out-of-State Government Issued Driver's License/ID will only be accepted along with the following;
      • Current & valid out-of-state student ID (along with proof of travel)
      • Proof of recent arrival or departure from Las Vegas (Bus/ Plane tickets)
      • Local event registration (convention badges/ event, concert or show tickets)
      • Proof of recent/ future out-of-state lodging, gas(petrol) receipts if traveling by car
      • Annual National Park Pass with a recent entry ticket
  • Incidental/ Security Deposit;
    • $50.00 Credit/ Debit card deposit will be pre-authorized/ charged at check in.
      • Credit/ Debit cardholder must belong to the registered guest of the hostel.
      • Sin City Hostel DOES NOT accept 3rd party payments/ cards (Relatives, Friends, Etc) unless that person is also registered in the hostel as a guest.
    • Cash accepted only for room balance.
    • ALL incidental/ security deposits must be paid by card. 
  • Credit/ Debit card used to make reservations are required to be presented at check-in to verify identity. You may use a different card for remaining balances/ deposits as long as the new card belongs to a registered guest.


Checking In/ Out:

  • Check in: 03:00 PM
    • Early check in: $10.00 + tax ($11.40); subject to availability

  • Check out: 11:00 AM
    • 01:00 PM Late check out: $10.00 + tax ($11.40)
      • This fee is automatically applied if you do not check out by 11:30 AM unless arranged prior with front desk.
      • If you do not check out by 01:00 PM, you will be automatically charged a fee equal to the cost of your first night's rate and your belongings will be moved to storage room.
        • This fee will not be applied to further room cost's should you return to extend after 01:00 PM, you will be charged the current night's rate plus applicable tax to extend.


On-Site Policies:

In-Dorm Quiet Hours 12AM - 8AM: Please be mindful during these hours in the guest rooms and on our balconies. Lights out in the rooms, no phone calls, head phones for streaming TV/ Music/ Movie services.

No Outside Guest/ Visitors: Only guests registered with Sin City Hostel are permitted onto the property.

Kitchen: Enjoy cooking over eating out? We have a fully stocked kitchen available for use. It's completely free and we have several refrigerators for our guests food storage. We simply ask that you clean up after yourselves and DO NOT take food/ dishes to the guest dorm

No Food/ Drinks in Dorms: It's quite simple - don't take any food, drinks or dishes to the room other than water. This is to maintain cleanliness and keep the pests outside as they've always been.

Label Your Food: Name and Check out date is recommend. We clean out the guest refrigerators daily. If your food is unlabeled it will be removed. Labels are available next to the fridge. 

LGBTQ+ Friends: ALL TRAVELERS WELCOMED HERE at Sin City Hostel regardless of gender identity. Those who identify as female will be welcomed into female dorms. We strive to ensure the comfort of ALL of our guests.

Smoking/ Drugs: Drugs will absolutely not be tolerated. If you're found with or consuming drugs on property you will be asked to leave with no refund. Smoking is permitted outside the dorms. Smoking inside a dorm will result in $150.00 smoking/damage fee.

Bed Assignment: Every guest is assigned a bed at check-in. DO NOT take items or place your belongings on other beds. If found with items from another bed or if you're using two beds, you will be charged for both of the beds. See reception for extra blankets/ pillows.

Lockers: Every guest has a locker available. USE THEM. Please bring your own padlock or if you forget to bring you, we are located right next to a convenience store that sells them for a few dollars. In addition to the in-room lockers, we also have safe boxes available in reception. Lost safe-box keys result in a $50.00 as we only keep one key, and locks have to be drilled out to replace/ repair.

Dorm Bed Rules: Single dorm beds are reserved for one person. DO NOT share a single bed between any two or more individuals. You will be charged a second bed for over-occupying a room. 

Length of Stay: Reservations can only be booked 14 nights per booking, any further extensions will need to be approved by management. After 28 consecutive nights you will be asked to move dorms. Management reserves all rights to refuse extensions and terminate them at any time.

Local Accommodation Tax: 14% on top of rates shown.

Sleeping bags: Sleeping bags are not allowed in the rooms. The hostel will store them for you until check-out.

Animals/ Pets: Emotional-Support, companion animals or pets are NOT allowed. Only DOGS required and trained to assist with disabilities will be permitted. (Updated February 24th, 2020). Sneaking in pets or damage by animals, regardless of it being a service animal, will result in a $150 fee.