Q: When can I check-in?

  • Check-in begins at 03:00 PM however we offer two services before this time: 
    • You're welcomed to arrive as early as 08:00 AM to complete registration and drop off luggage in our secured storage until 03:00 PM.
    • If available, check-in early for $10.00 + tax ($11.40). This will not be offered until arrival to the property.


Q: Can I check-in late at night? 

  • We do not currently have 24-hour reception however we can accommodate check-in even after we've closed as long as you have a confirmed reservation. Contact us on the morning of your arrival for instructions on how to check-in after hours. 


Q: What do I need to check-in? 

  • Government Issued I.D; please see House Rules for details.
  • A working Android or Apple smart phone (we use virtual keys for hostel access) 
  • Credit/ Debit card for $50.00 incidental deposit; if you cannot provide a card we can accept $100 cash.


Q: When do I need to check-out? 

  • Check-out by 11 AM to avoid the Late Check-out fee.
  • Guest who do NOT check out by 11:30 AM will be charged a late check-out fee of $10.00 + tax ($11.40).
  • Guest who do  NOT check out by 01:00 PM (1300) will be charged a full night's stay and their belongings may be moved to storage. This fee will NOT apply to another night's cost should you choose to extend your stay after retrieving your items from storage.


Q: Do you offer late check-outs? 

  • Yes, your check-out can be extended until 01:00 PM (1300) for only $11.40(including tax).


Q: What if I don't want to pay for an extension?

  • You're welcomed to hang out in our common areas while you wait for your flight/ bus.
  • We also have luggage storage complimentary until 10:00 PM after check-out. Over night is $10.00 per person per night.

Q: What is the cancellation policy? 

  • Cancellation policy varies by guest-chosen rate plan. Please CLICK HERE for the full details. 


Q: Can I change my dates? 

  • Answer varies depending on reservation origin:
    • Sincityhostel.com - yes you can. Shoot us an email to party@sincityhostel.com
    • Hostelworld/Expedia/Booking.com/Other Online travel agencies - you'll need to make any changes through that website. 
    • Please keep in mind that the Cancellation Policy time frames also apply to making changes to a reservation. 
    • Non-Refundable rates may apply.


Q: Do you collect a key/ security/ incidental deposit? 

  • YES. $50.00 payable by card only.


Q: What is the MAX length of stay at Sin City Hostel? 

  • The maximum length of stay is 14 days every 6 months. Extensions made only by management. 
  • You will be forced to change rooms every 14 days should management permit your extension.


Q: Is breakfast included? 

  • Yes. We have a variety of items served for breakfast. Items are never guaranteed and subject to availability. 
  • Usual breakfast includes Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice, Waffles, Toast, Pastries, Nutella, Butter, & Jam.
  • AS OF MAY 1st 2021 we will start serving breakfast again


Q: What time is breakfast served? 

  • Breakfast is served from 08:00 AM to 10:30 AM (Start May 1st 2021)


Q: Can I send packages and mail here? 

  • You're welcomed to but Sin City Hostel staff is not responsible for any lost or missing packages. Our staff will not sign for any packages. 
  • All mail delivered without prior arrangement with reception will be sent back marked "Return to Sender"

Q: Is there any age limits?

  • Guests must be at least 18 years or older to reserve. No exceptions.


Q: Where is Sin City Hostel located? 

  • Directly on LAS VEGAS BOULEVARD! We sit on the south bound side of the street, between Charleston Blvd & Oakey Blvd. 


Q: Is Sin City Hostel close to "THE STRIP"?

  • We're located ON the strip. I guess if you're a geologically inclined human, the strip TECHNICALLY begins at Sahara Blvd and goes South but on a piece of road that's 5 miles long, we're only about 1/4 of a mile away from the "the Strip".


Q: Is there on-site parking? 

  • We'll be honest, our parking lot is tiny. Due to this, there is a $5 parking fee per night. You will get an assigned parking stop and a Key to open and close the parking gate. 
  • There's street parking in the area. 


Q: What is the locker/ safe situation? 

  • We have a locker for every guest in each dorm. They vary in size and unfortunately do not fit much more than valuable electronics. We DO NOT provide or sell locks however there is a store 3 minutes walk away that sells them.
  • We have safe-deposit boxes to rent free of charge, however hours of access are limited as the safe boxes are at reception. There is a lost key fee of $50.00 as the entire lock needs to be replaced.


Q: Can I reserve a bottom bunk? 

  • Reserve? No. Request? YES, please reach out to us if you have any request for bottom bunks however do keep in mind that this is never guaranteed but we will always do our best to accommodate your request.
  • We have an Accessible Dormitory in place for those with mobility issues and cannot climb ladders.   


Q: Do you guys have WiFi? 

  • Yes. Our wifi is complimentary across the property and we also have a guest computer available for complimentary use.


Q: Is there a guest kitchen? Am I able to bring my own groceries? 

  • We offer a fully equipped kitchen with all the cookware you need to prepare a full meal. We have two refrigerators, stoves, microwave, and toasters all free for use. Please know guests are expected to clean after themselves. 
  • Be sure to label your food as we clean out the refrigerators frequently to maintain a clean environment.
  • Perishable foods and drinks are not aloud to be stored in the dorms or lockers to avoid insects.


Q: Are we aloud to drink alcohol at the hostel?

  • YES! As long as you're 21 years of age or older you may drink here at the hostel. Alcohol under no circumstance should be taken to the room - just like food. We have our common areas and backyard to party in. 


Q: Can me and all of my friends stay in the same dorm?

  • While we do our best to accommodate groups together - this isn't something we can guarantee. With enough notice before your arrival - we can do everything we can to arrange you all together. 


Q: Is there a curfew? Can I return late at night?

  • No - we do not have a curfew for coming and going into the dorm however some of the amenities may not be available 24 hours a day..
    • Kitchen and TV-Room are not accessible between 11 PM (23:00) and 08:00 AM. 
    • After hours check-ins can be accommodated with prior notice.


Q: Is there laundry machines? 

  • Yes. We have both washing and drying machines. The washer is $1.50 and the dryer is $1.25. The machines are quarter operated and available 24/7. We have free detergent at reception. (Please do not eat the tide pods).


Q: How can I get around the city? 

  • For the fastest option, you'll definitely want to take a ride share option like Uber or Lyft. 
  • For a cheap or multi-day option: there is the RTC bus system. 
    • Just outside the hostel there is two stops, one going south along Las Vegas Blvd. and one going north along 4th street. 
    • Southbound will take you to the famous Las Vegas strip
    • Northbound will take you up to Fremont Street Experience
    • The southbound bus will eventually turn around at RTC South Strip Terminal and come back up Las Vegas Blvd.
      • When coming from the Strip, take the 4th Street stop. 
      • When coming from Fremont Street, take the Charleston Blvd stop.
    • $8.00 24 Hour Ticket, $20 for 3-Day ticket


Q: Can I bring in guests who are not staying in the hostel? 

  • Not a chance. Outside guests are welcome to wait for you in the reception but they may not enter the Hostel or your dorm.
  • We advise not to even allow guests from other dorms into your dorm for the safety of everyone.
  • There is a lot of places within walking distance for everyone to hangout outside the hostel.