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St Patty's day

March 17
We all become Irish on this date, oh yeah! Sin City Hostel will prepare a BBQ and beers to get people started, then we will hit Fremont St looking for that Pot of Gold!

national association of broadcasters

April 22-27 @ Las Vegas Convention Center
NAB Show, where content comes to life! Save money by staying at Sin City Hostel, use saved money for your Vegas Sins!

Cinco de Mayo, andale andale!!!

May 5th, duh!
This is a historical day for our Mexican brothers! They defended their country from foreign invaders back in 1862. In the US, we like to celebrate the Mexican-American culture: tequila, cerveza, and their delicious Mexican food, yum!
Like they say in Mexico:
-Los extraños son amigos por conocer.-
So lets go out and celebrate!

Memorial Weekend

May 26. 27, 28 &29
This American holiday honors those who died serving our nation. So make sure you pay your respects and go celebrate the freedoms they fought for!
Pool Parties and nightclubs are going to be insane this weekend!

Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival

May 26. 27, 28 &29
On Memorial weekend, Fremont St will be filled with punk fans from all over the country. Featuring artists like Iggy Pop, Cock Sparrer, Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Adicts, Bouncing Souls and much more!

Electric Daisy Carnival 2017

June 16, 17, 18 @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Biggest Rave festival in the USA, hosted in Fabulous Las Vegas since 2011!
900,000 watts of speaker power!!!
More than 30 hours of intense EDM music played by more than 250 Electronic Music artists!!!

What to do in Vegas?


ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL RAVERS WELCOME! And please take advantage of our Sin City Hostel network. We have the best promoters in town to get you into the world’s TOP nightclubs and Pool Parties daily featuring DJ’s such as Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Skrillex, David Guetta and more!!

Fremont St Experience & the Arts District

Are you more of a relaxed traveler who enjoys the smaller but equally as wonderful things in life? If yes than downtown Las Vegas is your place to be and we don't blame you! Downtown is home to the coolest bars and breweries in Sin City, grab a cold one at Atomic Liquors or try a double IPA at Hop Nuts Brewery! Is your heart still set on playing a hand of poker? Don't worry! Downtown is also home to many casinos! Is your heart still set on Dancing? Don't worry! The Common Wealth, the Gold Spike, The Beauty Bar, are all kick ass downtown locations where you can dance to your hearts desires!


Las Vegas is conveniently located within driving distance to several state and national parks, if you are adventitious at heart and would love to discover parts unknown such as the Grand Canyon or Zion let us know! Sin City Hostel is affiliated with one of the best tour companies in the area and being such, we can set up awesome tours at discounted rates!

South Las Vegas Blvd a.k.a. The STRIP

Do you enjoy all things extravagant and exciting? If yes then The Strip is the place to be! Between the worlds most famous casinos and night clubs, you can spend all day at the tables and then dance your heart away all night. In between you can enjoy the finest concentration of dining and shopping the USA has to offer!

Jul 31, 2014

Drinking in a Winter Wonderland: Why Vegas’ Off-Season is the best time to party in the desert

1. Weather Summer is Vegas season. In fact Throngs of tourists begin flowing in to Vegas starting with spring break and the crowds don’t slow down until sometime around Halloween, but really what is the big hype about? Pool parties are a blast sure, but it’s hard to keep clothes on when it’s 110 degrees […]

Jul 17, 2014

3 must-see museums for the traveling history buff

Mob Museum – 300 E. Stewart Ave.  Today’s Vegas may seem long separated from the small mafia seedling that sprang up out of nowhere in the 1940’s, but rest assured mob blood runs deep through the veins of this city from Uptown to Downtown and every alley in between. It all started when Meyer Lansky, known […]

Jul 2, 2014

Top 5 Must-See National Parks in the Nevada area!

Driving in to town in a rental car with some friends? Just stopping through the city in the midst of a self-guided “National Park Crawl”? Or maybe you’d like a quick one-day bus trip before you put on your dancing shoes and hit the night clubs after dark? We cater to all kinds here at […]

Jun 25, 2014

Downtown Project: Revitalizing, Revamping, Renewing

Las Vegas is famous for being a den of sultry, sinful down-and-dirty debauchery, and we’re damn proud of it, but what goes on behind the curtain? What’s going down off the main drag? Where do you find culture and substance in a town who’s made a name for itself on it’s lightning-fast accessibility to any […]

Jun 18, 2014

4th of July 2014!

No doubt for many American travelers Independence Day means a long weekend and an excuse for a Vegas getaway with the posse, but for the international crowd you might ask why 4th of July? Why Vegas? What’s the big deal? Well here’s 4 reasons why EVERYONE should experience this national holiday at least once and […]

Jun 11, 2014

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn… Bowl

When most think of live music in Vegas they think of famous show headliners from Celine to Britney. They fantasize about the tacky yet elegant stages graced in the days of yore by Liberace, Wayne Newton, and The King himself, Elvis Presley. They imagine, like most that they could not so much as get nosebleed […]

Jun 7, 2014

Electric Daisy Carnival 2014!

 Step right up ladies and gentlemen and see the show! Let the performers of Electric Daisy Carnival dazzle and amaze you! You won’t find any bearded ladies or sword swallowers at this carnival’s sideshow, but it’s a guarantee that “freaks” will not be in short supply, from scantilly clad costumed vixens, to eccentric artists, and […]

Jun 3, 2014

Coming soon!

We will be posting vital Vegas information for our travelers. This way our sinners will be informed on what’s going on in Sin City before they even arrive!

Jun 3, 2014

Top 5 places to Eat Downtown (for $10 or less!)

We at Sin City Hostel know how important it is to stay on budget when you are travelling for months on end. So we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite restaurant spots in the surrounding community. Places that you don’t have to travel down the beaten path to get to, will have the […]